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Frequently Asked Questions


What is perfume, eau de toilette or cologne?

  • Perfume (extract): contains a fragrant composition from 15 to 30% in concentrated alcohol (alcohol).
  • Scented water (Eau de Parfum, EdP) - contains an 8 to 15% scented composition in approximately 85-90% alcohol.
  • Eau de Toilette (EdT) - contains 4 to 8% fragrance composition in about 80% alcohol.
  • Cologne (Eau de Cologne, EoC) - contains from 3 to 5% of scented composition in about 70% alcohol

How to choose the right perfume or similar product?

Especially according to your tastes. When choosing a perfume, never rely on the perfume already sprayed before, but smell it as soon as it is sprayed, because that is its real smell. Once sprayed on the "test stick" wait a few minutes and then smell. Never choose to buy a perfume that is not sealed and that has been exposed to the air.

Has my perfume expired?

If you store your perfume in places not exposed to the sun or at temperatures above 20 degrees, your perfume can last for several years. However, the new perfumes have a system of pictograms that show if the product has not expired. The duration of a perfume varies according to the aroma, it can vary from 12 to 60 months, if you do not leave your perfume open, it can last several years. If the perfume that changes color and has particular effects in the liquid is surely expired. Furthermore, if the perfume is acidic or resinous, it indicates that the perfume has exceeded its shelf life.

Is it true that the same perfume smells slightly different on each person?

Yes, that's true. Each person has his own specific smell. It depends on the characteristics of his skin, his diet and his lifestyle habits. The perfume that smells very pleasant for one person can have a slightly different effect on another person's skin. The effectiveness of fragrances can depend on many factors, even the pH of your skin becomes a factor .

Are the perfumes and other products original?

We can guarantee that all our products are 100% genuine, as they come directly from our authorized suppliers of beauty and cosmetics. All our products have EAN - European Article Number, which is proof of its authenticity.

At the bottom of the box (or bottle) there is a batch code generated by the manufacturer.

Examples :



What payment methods do you offer?

  • Card payment - online payment by credit or debit card.
  • PayPal - online payment through the PayPal system. When the order is completed, the site will transfer you to a PayPal page, where you can complete the payment.
  • At the time of the order, the data for making the bank transfer are sent by e-mail. After payment of the order, the product and receipt are sent to the buyer.

Will I receive an order confirmation email?

Each order is confirmed by automatic e-mail.

When will the product that I want be available again?

If the product you want to order is not currently available, you can subscribe for our automated back in stock emails. As soon as your product Is available, you’ll be notified via mail.


Delivery & Returns

How can I track my order?


When you use one of our tracked delivery services, we’ll automatically send you an email with your tracking number, and the address for the courier company’s tracking website, as soon as we dispatch your order. Follow the simple instructions to keep tabs on your order every step of the way.

If I order today, when will I receive the products?


If the order was placed before 1pm it is packed on the same day.

At busy times orders may take 2-3 days to be dispatched. The majority of orders are received within 3-4 business days after dispatch. As we cannot guarantee the speed of the postal service please allow up to: 9 business days for Royal Mail Tracked DeliveryAt busy times orders may take 2-3 days to be dispatched. The majority of orders are received within 2-3 business days after dispatch. As we cannot guarantee the speed of the postal service please allow up to: 8 business days for Royal Mail Tracked Delivery, 12 business days for Western Europe and 20 business days for the Rest of The World.

It's been a few days since you informed me that you sent my order, but the tracking information says that it hasn’t yet been accepted by the postal company. Is everything okay?

Your order has been processed and shipped from our warehouse in Germany. The delivery time of the product you ordered is within 6 to 9 working days. Once your product arrives at your country and be handed over to local delivery company, the tracking information we sent you will be updated.

How can I cancel created order?

If you want to cancel an order before you receive it, you can contact us by email: Your order will be canceled at your request and our finance department will refund the amount you paid as soon as possible!

The status of the order states that the product has been delivered, but I have not received my order.

In this case we will start an investigation to the delivery company to find out what happened to your package and as soon as we have a response from them, we will notify you immediately. Sometimes this process can take up to few weeks.

The product I received does not match the photo on the site.

We are very sorry for the unexpected problem. Of course, you can send us the product back if it does not match your order. Please take a few product photos first and send them to us via email – office@mytrendylady@com .

I received an empty package / one or more products are missing.

In this case we would like from you to take some pictures of the package you received, of the products that were inside, as well as the white note with the listed products, so that we can help you in the best way.

What if I don't like the product? Can I return it?

Contact us via email ( within 14 days of receiving the package. If possible, we will send you all the information for the return procedure